Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jeff Sessions Can't Handle the Truth

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Confederate Attorney General of the United States of Trump, had trouble speaking the truth last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He insisted that he did nothing wrong while making numerous contacts with Russians - most of whom he said he couldn't remember - during the Trump campaign for President, even though he has recused himself from the investigation about Russian interference in the election, which would seem to imply some kind of guilt.

The Trump White House said the President was NOT claiming Executive Privilege to keep Sessions silent, and Sessions agreed. But then he waffled continuously on answers about his discussions with Trump for no apparent legal reason, infuriating some Senators who just want the truth to come out.

He also had the gall to tell Senator Kamala Harris of California that she made him "nervous," which raised eyebrows since she is a person of color and he has been known to pal around with the racist Alt-Right crowd. None of the white men on the Committee made him "nervous."


Monday, June 12, 2017

Revelations of Comey Day

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Ex-FBI Director James Comey made his much-anticipated appearance on Capital Hill in Washington last week, appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Oh what a day it was!

His opening statement had been released the day before so the Senators had time to think up some interesting questions, and Comey had a chance to share his encounters with President Donald Trump just before he was fired.

Why did Comey choose to speak publicly? He was afraid the President would spin things differently than the truth - in other words, he called the President a liar. More than once.

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